Psychotherapy for Teens

In my work with teenagers I use a supportive and interactive approach. I combine therapeutic techniques which help teens develop the necessary coping skills to manage their issues in a constructive and healthy manner. I help teens to develop an understanding of the different causes and effective treatments for their particular issue. This is achieved by providing psychological education, teaching skills which manage negative thoughts and feelings, and helping teens gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses in their overall life functioning. Then together we build upon their strengths to make improvements in areas where they are struggling. I find that through this supportive and interactive process teens are able to understand their issues without shame or embarrassment therefore empowering them to create positive changes in their lives and relationships.

Common issues that are addressed in my work with adolescent clients:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • drug/alcohol
  • self injury
  • trauma/abuse/PTSD
  • panic attacks
  • divorce/blended families
  • out of control teens (oppositional)
  • school refusal behavior
  • gay/lesbian and questioning
  • negative body image
  • mild to moderate eating disorders
  • low self-esteem
  • adoption issues
  • after care support post inpatient treatment

Therapeutic Frameworks that I draw from:

  • cognitive behavioral
  • family systems
  • solution focused
  • psychodynamic
  • behavioral therapy (i.e. relaxation/visualization)
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